Best Branded Yoga Mats

In today’s competitive world, almost everything is branded and so are branded yoga mats. Well the branded yoga mats might be the potential things that must be bought by you if you are looking for investing into a company or brand. As the demand for Yoga continues to rise, so does the demand for yoga … [Read more…]

Best Extra Wide Yoga Mat

One must be careful when buying a mat as there are less than an inch between being in the wrong class and being in the right one. The thicker and longer you are, the wider the mat should be. If you are a seasoned yogi who has experience of practicing yoga at studios, then you … [Read more…]

Han Solo Yoga Mat

I was talking about the movie ”solo” with my friend and I said that he is an amazing actor. My friend showed me this yoga mat with a picture of Han solo. The details are so realistic that he almost looks alive. I really loved the texture of the mat, it is so cool and … [Read more…]

Top Rated Yoga Mats

Having the best yoga mat can be the difference between an enjoyable or not so enjoyable yoga experience. Today I’ll explore some of the top rated yoga mats, discuss what makes a quality yoga mat and offer my top picks for what to look for when purchasing one. Nowadays, yoga is one of the greatest … [Read more…]

Best Recycled Yoga Mat

By now, most people are aware of the environment and its current condition. Some try to make small changes by using reusable shopping tote bags and riding their bike more often. Others choose to avoid producing waste altogether. For some, the thought of not buying new products for our personal use is easier said than … [Read more…]

Best PVC Yoga Mat

People who are familiar with yoga mat will know, PVC is a kind of environment-friendly material. Many people prefer to buy rigid PVC yoga mats, as they can inhibit the growth of bacteria and maintain hygiene. PVC yoga mats have features like high density, wear-resistant and broad application. The ideal yoga mat is one that … [Read more…]

Best Hot Yoga Towel

Are you looking for a new hot yoga towel? Your current towel is old and worn out? Well I have got a few suggestions for you to get the best hot yoga towel. There are many reasons why you need to switch your hot yoga towel. Many people say bamboo is the best material for … [Read more…]

Best Hemp Yoga Mat

Farmers have been using the THC-free hemp plant as a natural and eco-friendly alternative to fabric for centuries. The cannabis plant is known for producing an abundance of strong fibers. When they are processed, these fibers are ultimately turned into strong and durable natural fabrics. Are you looking for the best yoga mat for your … [Read more…]

Best Aerial Yoga Stand

Aerial yoga, or “yoga in the air”, is a form of yoga in which one or more yogis are suspended from above on fabric. It is related to aerial arts and circus acrobatics and it is becoming more and more popular as a form of low-impact exercise. Aerial yoga stands have become a popular addition … [Read more…]

Best Cotton Yoga Mats

Cotton yoga mats are popular because of their ability to offer a sturdy backing, comfortable and easy use. When you are looking for a gift a yoga mat is an excellent choice. These mats are non-slip and have subtle traction on the bottom so that your feet don’t slip when you’re practicing. The cotton surface … [Read more…]