Cork Yoga Block: Which one is Best?

I’ll admit it, I’m obsessed with my cork yoga block. It makes a world of difference when my hands or feet lose their grip. Without that slip-proof grip, my practice is difficult and uncomfortable — so I made a list of all the situations where a cork yoga block can improve your practice.

Whether you’re a yoga beginner, or a seasoned pro, a yoga mat and the addition of a yoga block can improve your practice. Though yoga is good for both body and mind, we must also remember to take care of our bodies with healthy supplements after exercise.

A cork mat is made of 100% natural cork. This eco-friendly yoga mat will be a welcome addition to your practice. You can also use it as insulation on tile or wood floors for sitting meditation and restorative poses. The non-slip surface makes it perfect for exercise mats, pilates and swimming too.

Cork Yoga Blocks vs Foam

There are many benefits to using a yoga block when performing your yoga poses. It provides more support for your body and enables you to stretch further than you would without one. If you use a foam block, it will give in and there will be no resistance. A foam block is designed only to cushion and it is not meant for stretching. The best option is to use the cork yoga block that will give you support in all poses and will help you achieve the most out of your workouts.

What makes cork yoga blocks better than other yoga blocks? While it might seem like they’re just the same, they actually are constructed quite differently.

The trees that are harvested to create cork yoga blocks take 30 years to reach maturity. In order for the trees to be harvest-able the farmer has to manage the land in such a way that it mimics nature. They do not cut down more than 10% of the total trees at any one time. This ensures that the ecosystem is healthy and, most importantly, that there are young trees to take the place of the mature trees when they are harvested. Typically once the tree is harvested it will grow back within two or three years.

The biggest environmental benefit of real cork yoga blocks is that they are eco friendly. This benefit may not be immediately obvious, due to the fact that the largest environmental threat today comes from carbon emissions and associated global warming. However, there are other environmental threats besides global warming that we need to be aware of. Accordingly, we will see how cork yoga blocks can address these issues via their eco friendly nature.

Bamboo Yoga Blocks

Bamboo is a type of wood that has become a very popular choice for yoga practitioners and studios due to its strength and flexibility. It is even considered an eco-friendly type of wood for this purpose because it is naturally resilient against pest destruction and can help provide a natural barrier against fungal growth without the use of toxic chemicals. While you might be inclined to stick with more popular choices for your yoga blocks, such as foam blocks or cork blocks, bamboo would offer tremendous improvement in many ways. It is perfectly suited not only to standard yoga practices but to specific styles like Bikram Yoga too.

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