Sizes of Yoga Mats: What are the Options?

Yoga is this fantastic activity that is great for your body, mind and spirit. Despite the fantastical feats you might have witnessed in super tight leggings (* cough * Jennifer Lopez) or even as a result of some extreme contortionists (which I am not..), there are different types of yoga mats out there that can suit your lifestyle and health needs.

From the casual yogi to the dedicated yogin, there are many different ways in which someone can practice yoga. Everyone has his or her own idea of how and where they like to do yoga, as well as preferred props. The most basic way to differentiate between various yogis is by the type of mat they use.

Having tried a variety of different yoga mats myself, I have come to realize that there are a lot of things to consider when choosing the right size mat for you. Some people prefer longer mats, while others want mats that fit between their shoulder blades. Some people even prefer shorter mats and only need a few inches of cushion under their bodies. Whatever your preference is, I hope this guide gives you a little insight into what to look for in your very own mat.

So you’ve decided to buy a yoga mat, now you need to know the size options available for them. The most common size is 1/6th of an inch thick and 72 inches wide (24 inches by 24 inches). But there are two lesser known sizes available. They are ¼ inch thick and ¾ inch thick with the same dimensions as most common one.

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