Yin Yoga Benefits: Do they Really Exist?

Yin Yoga History

Yin yoga originated in China, but its idea is rooted more in healing and mind-body practices than asanas. Most of these postures are seated or reclining. The poses primarily focus on the connective tissues and joints of the body namely ligaments, tendons, fascia, bones and muscles.

The practice is slow and low-impact ensuring that you get to meditate along with the postures. This type of yoga can be considered as a great antidote for many chronic diseases, common problems that most people face every day without much emphasis.

For instance, if you have high blood pressure then going for yin yoga helps you regulate the flow of blood throughout your body which can help treat this problem.

The physical benefits of this type of yoga have been found to be extremely beneficial for all students, regardless of their age or the severity of their disabilities. Some of these benefits include: increased flexibility, decreased muscular tension and pain relief, improved cardiovascular endurance and endurance.

Yin Yoga Poses

The most common standing poses in Yin yoga are Utkatasana, Virabhadrasana, Ardha Chandrasana, Tadasana and Trikonasana. These exercises target your one leg, core and back. These five easy poses are also good for beginners since they don’t require much strength.

Mental benefits of Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is not a trend which will fade away like all trends. It calms the mind and stimulates the cells to repair themselves. It has health benefits too.

Yin yoga has been taught in the west since early millennium but it is one of the most comprehensive parts of yoga, which integrates bodily postures with various breathing. The mind plays a major role in yin yoga and performs well to recognize and overcome emotional patterns automatically through behavior.

Hot Yin Yoga Benefits

Hot yin yoga is a relatively new kind of yoga that really emphasizes a deeper, longer stretch. It’s different from other forms of yoga because it goes against the grain (so to speak).

Does Yin Yoga Tone Your Body?

The latest craze in health and wellness is ‘Yin Yoga’. While a lot of people are skeptical, it has been amazingly successful for my clients, friends and myself. I made the decision to switch from Ashtanga yoga to ‘yin yoga’ about seven months ago and I haven’t looked back. Prior to starting yin yoga, I had a lot of pitting edema throughout my body and a bloated belly, with nasty varicose veins on my legs. Since starting Yin Yoga, a regular daily practice and herbal care, these symptoms have gone away.

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