Yoga for Seniors with Arthritis

Yoga is an amazing way for seniors with arthritis to improve their joint range of motion, reduce pain, and enhance balance. Senior yoga also offers mental and emotional benefits through a combination of yoga poses, breathing techniques and meditation. This article will give you an overview about what senior yoga classes are like, the benefits of yoga for seniors, and how to find a free or low cost class near you!

There are many conditions that you may encounter as you age — arthritic joints being one of them. If you’re like most, you’ll experience quite a bit of discomfort and pain because of all the movement in your joints. This is due to how weight and gravity pull on the body as we get older, and yoga can help your body have better control over its movements which in turn reduces the amount of stress on your joints.

The best treatment for arthritis is one that can produced benefits on all levels of the disease. It must support the joints themselves and the cartilages which provide cushioning and lubrication to these joints. It should reduce inflammation since this can deteriorate the muscles and ligaments surrounding the joint. Yoga helps in three main ways: by strengthening the muscles that surround the joint, providing gentle stretching and increasing flexibility and circulation.

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